21st EASM Master Student Seminar

21st European Sport Management Association Master Student Seminar was held in Istanbul in 7th – 11th September 2013. This was the first time in the history; the seminar and the conference were held in our great city Istanbul where two continents -Europe and Asia- givetheir hands to each other. In this unique atmosphere participants had the privilege to witness not only the beauty of the nature but also the profound heritage of history and culture.

The master student seminar with its theme “Integrating Differences towards Diversity via Sports Management” brought together 65 participants from 11 different countries and 19universities. By choosing this theme we wanted to emphasize that sport plays an important role in binding diverse social-cultural identities and nevertheless preserve individual dignity. But uncontrolled economic and social processes in modern multicultural societies may counteract with harmful results. Nowadays in the “global village” sport management has to face these contradictory challenges both on the global and local scale.

Keeping these contemporary challenges of sport management in mind, four sub themes were selected to create management games. We’d like to thank to our distinguished keynote speakers for their exceptional presentations and more importantly for their time sharing in order to contribute the projects of the groups. Special thanks to the tutors for supporting the students and our team all the time.

We believe that the bridges we created will be supporting us, not only in our academic lives but also in our social interactions, ever after. We think the fantastic final party on the boat will probably be the most preserved memory for all of you and hope you will remember the Istanbul Master Student Seminar forever.