valuePerception of Olympic Values by Turkish Athletes Who Participated First Youth Olympic Games

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) aims to spread Olympic values by promoting fitness and fair play as well as fighting against the dangers of discrimination and doping.
The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) has been declared as a platform offering young athletes the chance to experience Olympic values first hand educating them in healthy lifestyle and social responsibility. The athletes who had the honor of participating in the first YOG were considered as active ambassadors of their communities and expected to share Olympic values with their peers all around the world. Therefore the IOC attaches equal importance to the Cultural and Educational Program (CEP) as to the competitions. This study examines the perception of Olympic values by Turkish athletes who participated in the inaugural YOG Singapore, 2010. Change of their perception before and after the games, and the effect of the CEP were investigated. Turkish athletes who participated in the inaugural YOG were not informed about Olympic values before the games. They were motivated just about their performances. The YOG as a multi-sports competition provided by CEP young athletes a multicultural atmosphere and was effective to foster Olympic values such as fair-play, friendship, awareness of the fight against doping.



Olympic Values_International Journal of Education and Research

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